Corradi Patio Covers: Luxury Backyard Living

June 16, 2018

PictureCorradi’s PT 100

​Your home is your place of peace and relaxation. Your backyard is also an oasis for you and your family. We know that installing an awning is a great way to extend your living space and create a fun, shaded environment. But, if you want to take a step up into luxury backyard living, then the Corradi Patio Cover is something to consider!

PictureCorradi’s Impact System

​​Corradi patio covers come in a variety of types including a retractable option. These patio covers take the game up a notch by creating an outdoor living area that’s stunning and elegant. So, how does Corradi differ from your typical patio cover? 

PictureCorradi Kubo

​The Corradi Retractable Patio Cover is designed for year-round use and is engineered to withstand heavy winds and rainstorms. The cover can be attached to a building or be freestanding and can be accented with LED lights and drop screens to create an outdoor living room that you can enjoy the whole year. 

PictureCorradi Iridium

​The Corradi is also more than just a frame and fabric; it’s an elegantly designed product that offers a sense of style and class that you might see at a high-end hotel or at one of those million-dollar homes you see on t.v. Think of those elegant covers and structures you see poolside at hotels, that’s what Corradi looks like, except, you can have this in your own backyard! Corradi’s look and feel is gorgeous and stunning! When combined with patio furniture, lighting, and other accessories, your backyard can become a luxurious getaway. Just imagine lounging near your pool, sitting under the shade, and reading your book; what a great way to spend your evening or weekend! 

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PictureCorradi Arko

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