Expanding your Business’ Footprint: Utilizing the Outdoors

March 7, 2016

​Did you know that you can expand your business’ footprint without having to buy more land? In fact, most of us forget that utilizing our outdoor space is an excellent way to create more revenue generating areas of your business. This especially applies to restaurants.


According to the National Restaurant Association the restaurant industry is set to cook up $783 billion in revenue in 2016. What does this mean? For restaurants, business is growing. A creative way to help capture some of these sales is to expand your seating area. Remember, the more seats you have the more revenue you generate. For example if you have a 200 seat capacity and generate $15 per seated person, you’re looking at $3,000 in gross income. But what if you could add 25 more seats? 


​If you could expand your seating area with an outdoor dining area with 15 or 25 more seats you’re adding a significant increase in revenue. Let’s say you added 25 more seats with an average $15 check per person seated; you’ve just added a potential $375 in revenue from your outdoor seating area! Multiply that by every day your restaurant is open and that is the potential extra revenue you can generate with outdoor dining areas.

​​So how can you do this? How can you expand your restaurant’s footprint? For starters you can use a combination of awnings, drop screens and vinyl curtains to create an outdoor space with the ambience of your restaurant. By investing in outdoor furniture and shade structures you can create an extended area of your business that has revenue generating potential.
And or businesses that are not restaurants, remember utilizing your outdoor space to attract new clientele is as easy as setting up an awning with graphics. For hotels, using creative shade sails for lounge areas, walkways and pool areas helps create an outdoor experience guests will remember and want to come back to again and again.

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