Patio Shades & Curtains: What you Need to Know

June 22, 2017

​Shade structures come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes. Drop Screens and Shade Curtains are just a couple of those options. 

PicturePatio Shades at the Wilshire Country Club

Using an awning, patio cover, or other shade product can help reduce your energy bill and keep your building cool during the hot summer months. Drop screens are an excellent shade choice for restaurants and shops. Patio Shades are:

  • Easy to Install/Use
  • Used in Combo. w/ Other Shade Structures Like Awnings
  • Provide UV Ray Protection, Shade, and Allows Some Light to Pass Through
  • Typically Roll Down to Cover Windows/Areas

PicturePatio Curtains at PS 818

Patio Curtains are great for restaurants and other businesses that want to add a level of design and aesthetic. In fact, shade curtains are/can:

  • Easy to Use/Install
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Create an Outdoor Dining Space
  • Great in Combination w/ Awnings
  • Typically Work Like Indoor Curtains but are Designed for Use Outdoors

PicturePatio Shade

Patio Shades & Curtains are perfect for restaurants. These shade structures help reduce solar heat gain in your home and ultimately help reduces your energy bill. Restaurants can also use these shade screens for their large windows. Using shade curtains in combination with an awning for restaurants create an outdoor dining area and an ambiance for your guests they will remember. Essentially, for restaurants, using shade curtains with an awning to expand your business’ footprint is a smart way to create larger revenue generating space without the hassle of buying or renting more land. 

These shade structures also use specialty fabrics that are designed to withstand the rigors of the sun and are typically UV ray resistant, waterproof, and more.
Some Patio Shade designs use a crank system while others can be motorized. Most Patio Shades are easy to open and close manually, much like indoor curtains. Some Patio Shades also use a track or pully system as well. Check with your local awning shop for more information on your options.
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