Patio Solutions Amid the Pandemic

September 28, 2020

Take out is great, but it’s not enough to sustain your business during this pandemic so how can you increase your sales revenue during this COVID-19 crisis? One simple solution is to use your patio as an outdoor dining space. While indoor dining is not an option right now, you can still serve guests their meals outside. 
Patios are those smaller areas on the side of your restaurant that sometimes get ignored. You might have some plants growing there right now or it’s just an abandoned section of your building. However, now’s the time to convert that patio into an outdoor dining area. The patio, while it is smaller, can accommodate a few guests at a time. 

Cafés and smaller eateries tend to have patios versus a larger open area some restaurants have. The patio space can be designed to attract diners, spruce up the look and feel of your business, and most importantly, help you generate much-needed sales. 

  • Patio Covers: The basic patio cover can be stationary and provides shade for diners. The covers are smaller in size than a traditional awning, but they can also come in retractable, slide wire, metal patio, and customized options. 
  • Patio Shades: These shade structures provide a little more shade than a patio cover. Patio shades can also be enhanced with drop screens and other added features that make outdoor dining even more enjoyable. Patio shades, like patio covers, can be fixed to the building or you can create a pergola instead to shade your patio. You have a ton of options to choose from and it’s as easy calling your local awning shop to help get you started on your project’s design, permitting, and installation. 
  • Storefront Awnings: If you have a small space in the front of your business that’s big enough for a couple of tables and chairs, consider installing an awning to create that outdoor dining space ambiance. These are different than patio covers and patio shades, though they are very similar. Storefront awnings are larger and can be printed on to showcase your restaurant’s logo or name. These are great because you can create an outdoor dining space that also advertises your business. 

Patio solutions for your restaurant is an excellent way to generate revenue during these difficult times. Creating an outdoor dining space that brings diners to your restaurant creates a memorable experience that your customers will want to come back to during and after the pandemic is under control. Don’t miss this opportunity to create your patio design and give us a call to see how we can help you.
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