Preparing your Home or Business for an Awning Installation

April 8, 2019

​So, you’re ready to purchase a beautiful awning. In fact, you’re new awning is set for installation soon. But, did you know there are things you should do before your awning is permanently installed?

PictureDoor & Window Awnings

​​Awnings are large and can be attached to your house or building. This means that you need to prepare the area of the install. Remember, awnings are large structures and when being installed, any obstacles and debris should be cleared away. Here’s a quick list of things you should do before installing an awning on either your home or business:

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  • Clear the Area: Make sure, as mentioned above, to clear the location your awning is going to be installed of any obstacles and debris. Remove any patio furniture, rocks, or other objects so that the installers won’t trip or fall.
  • Mark the Spot: This might sound odd, but remember, sometimes mistakes happen so clearly indicate or mark with some tape the location the awning should be installed. For example, take some easily removable painters’ tape and put an X on the spot where the awning should go.

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​·      Clean: Be sure that the area where the awning is supposed be is clean. For example, make sure there’s no growth of mold (this can happen) and there are no bee’s nest near the location. (That can happen too). Also, be sure the area doesn’t have random holes or stucco that’s been worn down. This will help ensure your awning installation will be sturdy and strong.
·      Rendering: For businesses and homes, this is a great way to help prepare your building for an awning installation. Have your installer provide a rendering of what the awning will look like so you can have a better idea of what you need to do to prep for the install or make any changes.
·      Permits: This is important for both businesses and homes. Preparing for awning installation means you MUST have your permits all in place. Without these, you can face fines and fees from your HOA, the city, or your landlord. 

​The above simple steps can assist in speeding up the installation time, once the team is there, and also help to ensure your awning is installed properly. Also, remember to ask your awning installer what steps you should take to assist in the process.
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