Restaurant Shade Curtains & Enclosures: Expanding your Dining Area

November 20, 2017

PictureDrop Curtains at PS 818

​When it comes to a restaurant business we know that tables and chairs equals revenue. The more space you have, the more plates you can sell. One way to increase your dining area without buying or leasing the space next door is by creating your own using a combination of shade curtains, awnings, and enclosures. 

PicturePatio Awning and Patio Curtains at the Bellwether

​This might all sound a little strange at first, but once you understand how these shade structures work together to create an expanding dining area for your business, you might just want to give it a try. This type of improvement to your restaurant can give you a return on your investment. So, let’s break it down. Here’s how you can utilize these shade structures:
·      Patio Shades: These are simple specialty fabric outdoor curtains. You can install these using a simple pole system and draw them open or close using either a motorized or hand crank system. These curtains can be installed using your awning as the base for the frame. Patio Shades come in a variety of styles and when closed, create an intimate enclosed outdoor dining area. These are great for patios and other outdoor areas of your restaurant.
·      Patio Curtains: These are also simple and classy. Typically, enclosures are made from clear pressed vinyl sheets which create a window-like appearance. The enclosures are usually top to bottom panels made from these vinyl sheets and other colored fabrics to give a an enclosed feeling for diners to enjoy. The enclosures can be attached to an existing awning or other shade structure. The enclosures are a great way to create outdoor dining space and added seating even if the weather is cold or rainy. 

PictureDrop Shades at Black Market

​Using patio shades and curtains allows you to set up dining space outdoors without the hassle of expansion. The curtains and shades last for years and instead of paying monthly rent on an added space, you now have more dining space without the extra lease. So, the next time you’re thinking about expansion, check out your patio or deck area and see if you can simply add some shade curtains or enclosures to create that dining space you need. 

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