Shade Sails: Creating Visual Masterpieces

March 26, 2018

​We all know about awnings and patio covers. We know that these shade structures provide energy savings and the ability to expand your lounge or dining areas. But, what about shade sails? What are these and how can you use them?

PictureTriangle Shade Sails

​​Shade sails are visually stunning, creative structures that you will see used on commercial buildings restaurants, or as standalone shade structures at parks, and other open areas. The material of a shade sail is made of specialty fabrics like polyester, vinyl, and acrylics. The textiles are shaped in the form of a sail – like on a boat – and that’s when the fun starts. 

PicturePlayground Shade Sails

​​The sails can be layered, crossed over, zig-zagged, and designed into a beautiful structure that is eye catching. (As you can see from the pictures, shade sails are versatile). Using poles and tension, shade sails can be created with various colors and patterns. So, if you’re putting one up on a playground, you can use a ladybug color theme, or even a customized pattern that kids will love. 

PictureShade Sail

​Shade sails are also great for restaurants and businesses who want to add a level of class and flare that others don’t have. The sails can really set your business apart with the layered creativity of an architectural piece you create with these shade pieces.
Shade sails are also great for parking lots. You might see these covering parking spaces at various locations. In fact, shade sails are great for rooftop parking lots because they add an extra layer of architectural design to your building, not to mention value. 

​Now that you know a little more about shade sails, talk to your local professional about installing one today. For more information about awnings and other shade structures, feel free to contact us at American Awning & Blind Co. by visiting us at Or call us at 800-654-5933. You can also email us at