Shade Sails: Summer Fun

June 30, 2016

​It’s summer. It’s hot. It’s sunny. We’re thinking about shade and staying cool in this crazy heat. For businesses, schools, and restaurants, this means utilizing a variety of creative ways to keep folks cool, entertained, and happy. One way to catch the attention of your customers is with unique shade structures like a shade sail.
​Shade sails are shade structures that you can use to on playgrounds, at restaurants (for outdoor dining) and even businesses and hotels for outdoor shaded lounge areas. Shade sails can be layers, single, multiple tiered, and utilize fabrics of different types and colors. 
​Kids and adults alike can enjoy the aesthetics of the shade structure and have fun playing, lounging, and relaxing outdoors, even in the summer. Remember, shade structures allow your guests and clients to be outside, even when it’s sunny and hot. It’s like installing an extension to your home, office, restaurant, or building without buying more land. The revenue generating opportunities you create while your guests enjoy the outdoors is worth it alone. 
Here are some fun summer things your guests can enjoy if you have shade sails:

  • Activity area for adults or kids. Think water stations, water slides, and misting.
  • Playground activities for kids like sand boxes and portable pools.
  • Lounge area for reading, napping, tanning, or socializing.
  • Dining/Snack area for restaurants.
​Truly, the kinds of activities and summer fun you can have outdoors because of the use of a shade sail are limited by your imagination and of course, feasibility. Remember, a shade sail is a tension structure so it’s freestanding and doesn’t have to be attached to your building or office; it’s a great choice for summer shade. 
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