The Business/Commercial Awning: What Is It?

July 6, 2018

PictureStorefront Awning for the Closet Factory

​We all know that installing an awning for your home is a great idea and often helps reduce solar heat gain, provides shade, and expands your living area to your backyard. But, what about awnings for your business? What are they and why should you, as a business owner, care?
First, business or commercial awnings often incorporate graphics and designs, and are used to attract attention, and provide shade. Commercial awnings can also expand a restaurant’s dining area and create revenue generating space. Commercial awnings, when designed well, can be eye-catching, permanent advertisements for your business. 

PictureStitch Awning

​For non-dining businesses and shops, awnings are a great way to shade the storefront and attract customers. For example, think of that nice blue, green, or other awning in front of that clothing store you’ve recently been to. Now, think about how the awning had a graphic of the store’s logo or name and how it attracted your attention and probably made you look through the window at the products inside. You might have even walked in and maybe bought something; now you know, that’s what the purpose of a commercial awning is.
Commercial awnings also provide a level of shade that protects the products and the people inside from unnecessary sun exposure, UV rays, and heat. 

PicturePatio Awning at Harajuku Taproom

​For restaurants and other businesses like hotels, commercial awnings and patio covers provide the ability to expand your footprint without having to lease or buy more land. Using an awning to cover an outdoor area you already have means you can put tables and chairs, couches and other lounge furniture for customers. This means you can create a revenue generating space. For restaurants, this kind of outdoor area means more seats and more sales.
Outdoor dining areas are great because they also attract the attention of people passing by. This means your passively advertising at no extra cost! Printing your logo and your business name on the awning is also another passive way to advertise; it’s like a permanent sign. 

PictureAwnings at Craigs in West Hollywood

​Finally, commercial awnings are made to withstand the rigors of the outdoors, just like residential awnings. However, business awnings are also designed to incorporate graphics and other features that enhance your business’ aesthetic. (Think of the scalloped, dome, or other shape of the awning that you probably won’t see on a residential awning). Remember, you can always consult an awning professional about your options and what a commercial awning can do for you. 

​Now that you know a little more about business awnings, let us know how we can help you with your next shade structure project. For more information about awnings and other shade structures, feel free to contact us at American Awning & Blind Co. by visiting us at (Our California Contractors License is #999050). Or give us a call at 800-654-5933. You can also email us at