The Stobag Stroboscope Awning – Restaurant and Hospitality Applications

February 22, 2019

PictureStobag Stobscope

​When it comes to awnings, not all are created equally or for the same purpose…Sounds odd right? Well, some awnings are designed for commercial use, while others are made for residential applications. When it comes to heavy-duty awnings for restaurants and the hospitality industry, the Stobag Stroboscope product is one of the best available.
Stobag awnings for restaurants and the hospitality industry are designed with the businessman in mind. In fact, these awnings are made to cover larger areas like an outdoor dining area, terrace, or patio. The JUMBO Stobag awning uses six specially engineered telescopic arms to provide support and tension in the fabric and frame of the structure. Thus, the awning looks tight, clean, and stable. 

PictureStobag Stoboscope at Little Ruby

​The Stroboscope Stobag Awning can be used in various restaurant and hospitality applications including but not exactly limited to:

  •  Terrace
  • Outdoor Dining Area
  • Lounge Area at a Hotel
  • Covered Bar Area
  • Covered Pool Area

PictureStoboscope Awning at Pitchoun

​The Stobag awning, like the Stroboscope, are also designed to handle more wind and rain than other retractable awnings. The Stroboscope’s sturdy construction means you don’t have to worry about the storm that’s coming. Stobag offers various types of awnings for both large and small outdoor areas for dining or hospitality use. The color and fabric options are numerous with Stobag. The product is known for its beautifully designed pieces and durability. 

PictureStobag Jumbo

​The Stroboscope awning uses gas piston driven telescope arms and conventional lateral arms for retraction and extension. In fact, the Stobag Stroboscope is an excellent option for restaurants or other businesses looking to get the most out of their awning. These awnings are known to last and come with warranties and are aesthetically pleasing to look at. In fact, at American Awning and Blind Co., we are a distributor and installer of this excellent product. We know that you will get a “bang for your buck” and a long-lasting awning. 

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