What kind of awning should I get?

November 2, 2014




What kind of awning should I get?

90% of time when we meet with a client for the first time who’s interested in an awning they’re not sure what type of awning to get. The first thing we figure out is what shape or style they’d like. Keep in mind that not every shape or style works in every situation. Certain things can limit what styles will work such as moulding around doors or windows, low roofs, or doors that open outward. Check out our “Awning 101” page to see the different shapes and styles we offer.

After settling on a style the first measurement we will figure out is the width. Most awnings will be anywhere from 3 to 6 inches wider than the door or window frame they are covering. Next we will take the drop and projection – these two dimensions will determine how much coverage from the sun a window will receive. The larger the drop, the less of a view there will be out of a window. This is very important: does client want to see out of the window clearly or do they mind if their view is obstructed? Having a larger projection can help add coverage. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the angle or slope of the awning. The drop and projection will determine how steep an awning is. If the client would like to see the awning more clearly from far away I recommend a steeper slope. If they’d prefer the awning to be less conspicuous then we go with a flatter slope. 

As you can see there are a lot of considerations when designing an awning. Fortunately there are no right or wrong answers, it all depends on what the client is looking for.