Why Mold & Mildew Resistance Matter in Shade Structures

January 14, 2016

When it comes to investing in an awning or other shade structure for your home or business, it’s important to remember that not all products are created equally.
First, let’s break down what a shade structure – like an awning or patio cover – is made of. Typically, they are constructed using a frame of steel or other metals and a specialty fabric. The structure is held together by screws and tension. The most important part of a shade structure is the fabric it is made of. These fabrics are often treated to be mold and mildew resistant, UV ray resistant, and more. 

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These are just a few of the main reasons why mold and mildew resistance is important to have when it comes to your shade structure’s fabric. Remember, there are a variety of fabrics out there so it’s good to know that you have options and that you don’t have to settle for the cheapest product which you might have to replace down the road. Keep in mind that if you spend a little more on your initial purchase and get that mold and mildew resistant fabric, you could save a lot on replacement costs in the long run. Check with your local awning shop and see what kind of specialty fabrics they can offer you.
But why should you care for something like mold and mildew resistance? Why does this even matter? After all your shade structure is outside…Here’s a quick list of reasons why mold and mildew resistance matter for your shade structure:

  • Longevity: if your fabric is mold and mildew resistant it will last longer with proper care. Remember, mold and mildew destroy your fabrics integrity by eating through it and causing it fall apart; also it’s just gross.
  • Fading and Color: mold and mildew growth contributes to the degradation of your fabric’s color and look. Often, you can see the spots of mold and mildew as they grow.
  • Odor: if mold and mildew grow out of control, you might notice a musty smell. This happens more inside than outside of your home but if you are using drop curtains and an awning, you’ve just created a semi-indoor area that can get humid and damp inside.

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