Awning Fabric Replacement Ideas

September 25, 2018

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​​If you enjoy design and architecture, then know that color and variety, shapes, and graphics can really catch the eye; this is especially true for awning fabrics. Replacing your awning textile is actually a great idea, particularly when you want to update the look and feel of your home, office, or store. 

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​Awning fabrics can be replaced and updated anytime, so you don’t have to wait till it’s damaged. Here are some fun, great ideas to help you spruce up your business or home with new awning textiles:

  • Colors: This is probably the most important component of the fabric of your awning. The color is what will draw attention. Choosing a drab color scheme might work against you. So, pick a color that’s stunning, bright, and attractive and matches your building or business’ theme.
  • Designs: You can use designs like patterns, dots, and stripes. You can have the fabric custom engineered. For example, if you have a dog grooming business, you can install an awning textile with a dog pattern. Really, adding a design to your awning is a great way to increase the visibility and uniqueness of your business.

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  • Shapes: You can choose from a variety of shapes like domes, gabled, convex, arch, and bullnose. You can also custom engineer your shape to your tastes (within reason of course!).
  • Fabric Valances/Patterns: You can also choose to have a valance on your awning with a scalloped, straight, or other patterned edge.
  • Graphics: This is always a great choice. Putting a design on your business awning is a great way to create static advertising. (Typically, you don’t have graphics on a home awning). Graphics make you’re your awning stand out, attract customers, and can generate revenue. 

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​​Replacing the fabric of your awning is an awesome way to give your building or home a facelift without the cost of major construction. Keep in mind, you can always have the project rendered, in color, to see what you’re ideas will look like. 

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