Quality Awnings: Cheap Doesn’t Always Save You Money

October 28, 2018

​Saving money on a big purchase is always satisfying. But, sometimes saving in the moment, costs you a whole lot more. When it comes to buying a quality, professionally installed awning, knowing what you get for your buck is important. 
Cheap Awnings:
Fabric: The options are limited and come with cheaply made textiles that are often not resistant to mold or mildew, and likely don’t have tear and rip resistance. This means you will replace your awning fabric far more often which costs you a whole lot more than buying a quality piece in the first place. 
Structure: With a cheap awning option, the frame might be made with metals that are not durable, or if they are made with aluminum or steel, the quality of the material is low and thus, your structure can scratch, bend, or break faster.  Cheaper awnings, like the kind you get delivered to you, typically won’t offer these. And if you do get them, installation can be tedious, and you risk damaging your awning before you even install it yourself. 
Color: Cheaper awnings tend to limit the color palette you can choose from and may not offer a warranty. 
Design: You’re pretty much limited to fixed or retractable and if you’re offered a different design like a shade-sail, the quality of the materials may not be up to par, and your awning won’t last. 
Installation/Service: If you’ve bought an awning online and are looking for an installer, many professional services won’t accommodate your request. They don’t want to install something that won’t last. And, if you do need service for your awning – for a rip or tear – you will have to still call a professional and replace your fabric which will cost you more. 
Quality Awnings:
Fabric: Options include top-of-the line products like Sunbrella, Serge Ferari, and more. The fabric of your awning is what will cost you the most in the long run. Without the right, uv ray, mold-mildew resistant, tear and rip resistance, your awning won’t last. 
Structure: Awning frames/structure are made with sturdy, durable materials like aluminum, steel, or other metals and sometimes wood. The frame of a quality awning stands the test of time and won’t break or bend like a cheaper one might. 
Finial and Spear Options: Quality awnings typically offer you these decorative additions for your awning. The filial decorates the end of an awning pole and a spear juts out from the awning, adding a level of aesthetic you wouldn’t normally get from a cheap awning. 
Color: Quality awnings offer a variety of colors and even color matching to your building. Also, colorfast textiles are used in higher quality awnings: this means your color won’t fade as quickly. Often, your fabric comes with a warranty guaranteeing color for a period of time. 
Design: Quality awnings offer you a level of design that surpasses a do-it-yourself piece. Design includes the shape, style, and type. You can get a shade-sail, a free-standing piece, or slide-on-wire option.
Installation/Service: Quality awnings are installed with guarantees and backed by warranties and the confidence that you can rely on the service of the professional you hired. Professional, quality awning services include rendering services, permitting help, and more. 
​As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to installing a quality or cheap awning. Just keep in mind, replacing an awning can cost thousands, especially when it comes to a business. So, when considering an awning for your restaurant, business, building, or home, remember, it pays to spend now because you’ll save so much more in the long run.
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