Cleaning your Awning: Using the Right Stuff

October 29, 2018

​So, you’ve owned your awning for some time. You’ve inspected it, you’ve cleaned it, and you’ve admired it. But, are you using the right solution and materials to clean your awning? Did you know you can damage your awning’s fabric by using the wrong products?


​When cleaning your awning, you’ve probably been using a light solution of a mild liquid dish soap or something similar and some water. While this might be okay, it’s important to remember that your solution proportions should be balanced. Don’t put so much soap that your solution is thick and not easy to wash off. Be sure your solution is loose and easily comes off by spraying water and brushing with a soft bristle brush. 

PictureSlide Wire Awnings – Eventually Dirt Will Collect In Them!

​Now, if you’re not sure, or if you don’t want to make your own solution, you can purchase an awning cleaning solution. However, we highly recommend you research and do your due diligence before purchasing an awning cleaner. Here’s why:

  • Some solutions are not meant for your fabric or awning. Some fabrics are made from canvas, polyvinyl, vinyl, and other materials. So, look at the bottles instructions and intended uses, you don’t want to spray your canvas with a cleaner that’s meant for an acrylic textile.
  • Some solutions are designed to restore your awning. Don’t automatically think that getting an awning restoring solution is the best thing to do. If you’re awning is relatively new, don’t worry about adding an extra layer of this stuff, you don’t need it yet. You want to make sure you’re cleaning the awning properly and getting rid of dirt and debris.

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  • Chemical solutions: Most of the cleaning solutions will have some kind of chemical as part of the ingredients. But, be weary of the chemicals and always check with your awning installer to see which ones you should avoid. Some chemicals can actually damage your awning fabric, especially cleaners that are designed for textiles that are not the one you have.
  • Concentrates: Some solutions come as concentrates. Being sure you know this before you start spraying your awning with it is important. You don’t want to bombard your awning with a concentrate because you might be damaging it.

Using an awning cleaning product is a good idea, but finding the right one is the proper thing to do. Also, always remember to consult your installer to see which cleaner is best for your shade structure; not all awnings are created the same or equally. 

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