Drop Screens: Indoor Shading Options

August 9, 2019

PictureDrop Shade at Pollen

When it comes to your business, office or home, shade is important to remember. Using an awning, patio cover, or things like curtains to help block out the sun is a great way to stay cool in the hot summer months. But, did you know you can use drop screens indoors to help keep your products, people, or home safe from the sun’s UV rays?

​Drop screens aren’t curtains but still provide the same kind of shading concept. Drop screens can be installed in your home, office, or business and provide shade while still allowing the sun to filter through for natural day-light ambiance. 

PictureDrop Shades on a Pergola

​Drop screens are designed to also add a level of aesthetic to your business.

  • Aesthetic: The colors, fabric, and mode of deployment can be incorporated into your theme.
  • Marketing/Advertising: Drop screens can even include logos and other markings that can help get your business noticed. One side can shade and the other can advertise.
  • Shade & Product Protection: Drop screens also serve to protect your products from the sun’s powerful UV rays which can fade colors. The shade can also keep your business, home or office cooler and help reduce those pesky summer electric bills. 

PictureDrop Shade Pergola

​Using drop screens as an alternative to install a larger awning is a great way to still get shade for your business or home. Sometimes buildings aren’t designed or allowed to have an awning installation and that’s why knowing your options is important. Remember, drop screens roll down, can be motorized, or manually cranked, and offer you a shade, sun protection, and a way to make your business or home look cooler. 

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