Drop Shades and Patio Curtains Curtains: What are they For Anyway?

April 10, 2017

​We all know what an awning is, it’s that nice looking shade structure attached your building or home. But, did you know what your awning can be extended, accessorized, and made to expand your business’ footprint?
You might be wondering, how is it possible that an awning can expand your business’ footprint without buying or renting more space or land? The answer is simple, by installing drop screens or shade curtains to your awning, you can create an enclosed space at your business that you can use for dining or lounging area. 

PictureDrop Shades at the Wilshire Country Club

​Drop shades and patio curtains are designed to shield your customers and diners from inclement weather and still enjoy the outdoors. These versatile additions to your awning can extend a restaurant’s dining area by simply adding an ambience to your outdoor patio space that people will enjoy while having a meal.
Drop shades are designed to attach either to your awning or to windows. Drop shades are excellent choices for shading the inside of your business or office because they are made to be aesthetically compatible with your tastes; you get to choose what they will look like in terms of color and style. Drop screens are great for clothing stores, restaurants, and other businesses.

PicturePatio Curtains at PS 818

​Patio curtains are great for restaurants in particular because they provide an added level of aesthetic to the dining experience. For example, at a nice restaurant you might see an outdoor dining area with curtains that might be opened because of the nice day or they are extended because of wind or rain. These patio curtains allow you the ability to serve more guests even if it’s cold outside.
Truly, drop shades and patio curtains are an excellent addition to any business looking to not only keep cool, but also potentially create an outdoor area they can turn into revenue generating space. 

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