How custom awnings can prevent weather damage and increase business capacity: The Hideaway

January 18, 2023

Weather protection at the touch of a button? Yes, please!

If you live in Southern California, you know you’re fortunate to be able to enjoy outdoor dining year-round. Even here, though, the weather can seem extreme. For business owners, this often means finding creative solutions to keep customers comfortable and protected year-round, rain or shine. Coming up with thoughtful custom awning solutions to prevent weather damage to your home or business is where our expert craftsmen shine! Need some proof?

How custom awnings can prevent weather damage and increase business capacity: The Hideaway

The vision was clear: a stunning new restaurant with exclusive outdoor courtyard seating located on iconic Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. You don’t have to know much about this area to understand that the stakes were high! Here’s how our team uses retractable awnings to support their needs.

The courtyard would be the main seating area for this new restaurant, but the kicker was that there was absolutely no existing coverage. This is where American Awning comes in! Could we create a weather protection system that would protect customers from the heat and the rain at the touch of a button? No problem!

The innovative team at American Awning went to work creating 10 custom, retractable awnings that could literally appear or disappear at a moment’s notice depending on the weather. In essence, a retractable roof (complete with the intricate gutter system) was fabricated and installed.

The result was a stunning, memorable dining space that was both outdoor and fully protected. This not only prevents weather damage, but it also increases how many people they can serve, in the hot summer or rainy winters.

Now that’s expert craftsmanship! See for yourself! Visit The Hideaway!

Looking for more ways that an awning installation can benefit your business? Here’s how:

1. Increase your square footage

If you own a home or business in Southern California, we’re going to bet that you wish to increase your square footage of usable space. Installing a custom awning can help make this possible!

We’re fortunate to have a (mostly) temperate climate that makes being outdoors year-round a possibility. We do have those occasional rainy or extra hot months, though. What if you could have the option of having your space fully covered or totally open?

Installing a weather protection system through a retractable metal, fixed patio cover, or pergola awning can help make that dream of increasing your usable square footage, with lots of options for weather protection, a reality.

2. Constant Advertising

Whether your business stands alone or is part of a larger complex, installing a storefront awning can serve several purposes! A custom awning can protect your clients from the elements and serve as a landmark, making locating your business easy!

At American Awning, we have hundreds of styles and fabrics to choose from, ensuring that your awning fits your brand.

3. Keep your space tidy!

No matter how you end up using your outdoor space, installing an awning can help keep it clean! Branches, birds, and other debris can make your space appear messy pretty quickly. An awning or patio cover can help keep your outdoor space in ship shape

Whether it’s creating an upscale dining experience or covering your patio- we’ve got the answer!

Let’s get you ready to experience the benefits that come from installing an awning for your home or business. We’re ready to help! Reach out to American Awning today for a free consultation!