Restaurant Awnings: A Solution for Generating Revenue During COVID-19

November 11, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the business model of many companies and especially restaurants. Outdoor dining is now the required setting for restaurants. So, how can you create that revenue-generating outdoor space? Restaurant awnings are your solution. 

Many restaurants and eateries are converting their parking lots, patio areas, and unused space surrounding their buildings into seats for diners. During the winter season, rain and wind can cause your outdoor diners to not want to come in. However, if you install an awning, you can provide a covered and protected area that diners can enjoy while eating outside. 

So, what are some of the things you need to consider when thinking about installing a restaurant awning as a solution for revenue-generating during this COVID-19 pandemic? Below are some tips.

  • Awning Size: The size of your awning is important. How much it extends from your building over an area needs to be carefully measured and constructed. 
  • Retractable or Fixed Awning: If you’re in a location that gets a lot of sunshine, you might want to install a retractable awning. The awning can be furled away via an automatic system you control with a push of a button. When it rains or when it’s too hot, you can utilize the awning to shade and protect your outdoor diners from the elements. 
  • Tables and Chairs: Make sure you use sturdy, aesthetically pleasing outdoor dining furniture that hopefully accentuates your awning. 
  • The Extras: Restaurant awnings can be combined with cool things like lights, heaters, water spritzers (if it’s pretty hot out), valances to accentuate the look, and side screens for extra protection. (Side screens offer protection but also airflow which is important in these pandemic times). You can also hook up a speaker system to provide a musical ambiance to the experience. The awning can also include decorations for the festive upcoming season. 

Generating sales during this global pandemic is rough. However, using creative and innovative ways to expand the footprint of your business can help you weather this storm. Remember, outdoor dining can be marketed as romantic, a nice way to get out during these difficult times, and as an option that people normally didn’t consider in the before pandemic times. 

Restaurant awnings are an excellent solution for your revenue-generating needs during this pandemic. Remember, we will get through this! 

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