Slide-on-Wire Attachments to Existing Structures

July 20, 2016

​Before we start this article, let’s first define talk about what a slide-on-wire awning is. This shade structure is composed of fabric panels that are mounted to wires and used as shade. You might see these at hotels, businesses, and homes.
The sliding feature allows flexibility in controlling how much light you get. Much like a shutter, the panels act like a shield against sunlight. However, the panels are made of a specialty fabric and can be arranged in patterns and come in a variety of colors.

Slide on Wire Awnings Attached to a Wall and a Pergola


Slide on Wire Awnings Attached to a Pergola

​Now that we know what slide-on-wire shades are let’s talk about attaching them to existing structures. These versatile additions to any home, office, building, or structure, add a creative flare that will stand out.
Like any awning or patio cover, slide-on-wire attachments are anchored to an existing frame or structure. The panels can be added to pergolas or frames. You can even switch out your standard awning for slide-on-wire; it’s just up to your tastes and needs.

​For businesses like restaurants, you can attach slide-on-wire panels to a patio or outdoor dining area. For hotels and businesses, you can create a stand-alone structure using slide-on-wire panels to create a beautifully shaded area for guests to lounge in; this also applies to homeowners who can put one of these in the backyard.


Slide on Wire Awnings Attached to a Wall and an Elevated Frame


Slide on Wire Awnings Attached Between Walls

​If you have an existing frame or structure, it’s easy to add slide-on-wire attachments. The wires are attached to the frame and the panels simply slide on, creating a unique panel design. Just call your local awning shop and ask how they can help you with this project. 

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