Retractable Awnings & Drop Screens

July 7, 2016

​Retractable awnings are great all on their own. But did you know you can enhance these versatile shade structures further with the addition of drop screens? You might be wondering, what the heck are drop screens?
​To begin with, drop screens are a type of shade structure that you can attach to a window, an awning, or other frame. The screens literally drop down to provide shade and roll up out of sight when not in use. The material is either a mesh or screen made of a specialty textile that is designed to be waterproof, UV ray resistant, mold and mildew resistant and more.

The screens enhance any outdoor space or simply help keep your business shaded. Drop screens are great for restaurants and offices where curtains are not in use. Or for RVs with retractable awnings. The best part about drop screens is that they offer flexibility. Just like a retractable awning, you can control when the screens are in use and when they are tucked away.
So how can you add drop screens to a retractable awning or other shade structure? It’s quite simple: the screens attach to the frame of the awning and are designed to retract with the structure. Either using a motor or by hand crank, drop screens roll up and are out of sight even when you only want to use your awning. The simplicity and versatility of drop screens is amazing. The shade and see through mesh allow customers, guests, and family members to enjoy the outdoors.
Also note, retractable awning and drop screen combinations are excellent for restaurants for a variety of reasons:

  •  Screens provide a level of privacy for diners.
  • Awnings and screens keep your outdoor dining area cool.
  • Screens can be used in the day and during the hot summer months to provide shade.
  • The combination of the awning and screens is impressive and your customers will remember your business for the unique outdoor dining experience not all places can offer.

​​If you already have an awning installed – whether fixed or retractable – you can always add drop screens for that added touch of aesthetic that will help set your business apart from the competition.

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