Spring Activities: Making the most of your Backyard Shade Structure

April 11, 2016

​It’s spring and it’s time for fun family activities. For those of us on a budget or just looking to have a nice day without breaking the bank, remember that your backyard is a great place to use for your family’s day out.
If you have a shade structure like an awning or pergola, you can convert your backyard into a lounge and play area. Often, we under utilize our backyards and leave it to the weeds and dogs. But with some creativity and a little work, you can turn your backyard into something humans, animals, and foliage can enjoy.

And remember, installing a beautifully constructed pergola or awning will accentuate your backyard and make it feel even more welcoming. Best of all, a shade structure will also keep you cool and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

​Install some backyard furniture and now you have a playground in the privacy of your own home for your kids and yourself. Imagine lounging in the shade with a nice lemonade while the kids play a game of catch. Here are some more family backyard activity ideas:
Put in a slip-and-slide

  • Blow up an inflatable pool
  • Gardening – plant herbs and vegetables and flowers
  • Play a game of croquet
  • Put together a large puzzle
  • Have a spring themed crafts session with the kids
  • Have a barbeque – but remember not to cook under your shade structure as the smoke and heat can ruin the fabric
  • Have a treasure hunt
  • Play a game of mini golf; place plastic cups around the backyard to use as the holes
  • Put up a tent and have a camping adventure

​​The type of activities you do are limited by only your imagination and safety. Remember, always keep the safety of your family in mind when planning any kind of activity. Otherwise, use your creative ideas and your family’s interests to create a backyard playground. 

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