Summer Fun: Organizing and Decorating your Backyard

August 24, 2017

​We’re mid-stride through the summer and there’s still plenty of time to decorate and organize your backyard. From awnings to shade screens, there’s a variety of ways you can spruce up your home and create an activity area that you can still use in the fall.

PictureCabana and Balcony Awning

Here are some quick, fun ideas for organizing and decorating your backyard:

  • Lounge Area: If you have an awning or other shade structure already installed, you can create a lounge area underneath it with outdoor furniture, tables, and more. You can string up lights for evening lounge time and have a nice drink while you read, chat with friends, or just enjoy the cool night. (Remember, always consult your awning installer for what you can hang or decorate your shade structure with).
  • Games/Activity: Create an area on the lawn in your backyard where you can set up games like twister or croquet or other fun things for your kids. You can also set up an area for your kids to do crafts. You can create a craft area where your kids can:
    • Paint objects, rocks, and other materials. This is an excellent way to keep the interior of your home mess free when doing activities like painting with your kids.
    • Make things like papiermâché trees, elves, and other fun items.
    • Construct things like tents, dog houses, and other simple projects.

PictureGarden Canopy

  • Dining: Outdoor dining is always fun and interesting. You can set up tables and chairs under your awning or other shade structure and dine outside with your friends and family. Sometimes, you don’t have to go out to eat, you can just step out into your backyard.
  • Decorations: You can do a myriad of things to enhance the look of your backyard including:
    • Hanging lights and lanterns on your shade structure or on your fences. (Just make sure you’re not encroaching on your neighbor’s backyard).
    • Set up fun things for the kids like garden gnomes, tree faces, wind chimes, tree houses, and even stone paths/walkways.
    • Put up a giant clock or sun dial. Sometimes, these big items can really bring out the charm of your backyard.  

PictureDeck Canopy

  • Garden:  You can add a fountain to your backyard and create an oasis you and our family can relax in. You can also get long wood or clay boxes and start a garden by filling them with dirt and fertilizer. You can set these boxes in your backyard and create rows of herbs and flowers.
  • Organizing: Your backyard should be free of clutter and debris. One way to keep it looking great is by organizing it. While this may sound funny, it’s actually a good idea. Think about your garden tools – brooms, rakes, and lawn mowers – and how they might make your backyard look untidy because they’re lying around. Here’s some quick tips for organizing your backyard:
    • Put your tools away in the shed or garage.
    • Rake up leaves and other debris.
    • Put your outdoor furniture in the same area. Sometimes, leaving a single chair or bench looks odd in the middle of your backyard.
    • Try using an awning or other shade structure to give your backyard a sense of design and organization. The awning will allow you a covered area you can put your dining or lounge area under.
    • If your air conditioner’s unit is in your backyard, make sure it’s clean and free of debris – this can be a forgotten thing to do, especially in the summer and fall.

 Organizing and decorating your backyard is simple and just requires a little time on your part. But, once you’ve put all the pieces together, your backyard will look better and you can use it for fun activities with family and friends.
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